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Travel Case - Spirits Glass

Travel Case - Spirits Glass

For enjoying your favorite spirits on the go

Take your favorite glass wherever you go. Traveling with your glass is now incredibly safe and easy.

Whether you're going to a friend's house, camping in the mountains, or flying to another country, just toss a case in your bag.

On sale until sold out! These cases are in perfect condition, but have our old "Bennuaine" packaging.

Great Protection

Thoroughly drop tested from from heights of 10+ feet, the case will guard your glass from any travel hazards.

Travel Friendly

The larger case is a very compact 7.5x6.5x3.5 inches. And the two included sample bottles meet TSA requirements.

Dual Purpose

The larger case has two carrying options to make it extra useful in any situation.

  • Two Glasses
  • One Glass + Two 2oz Bottles
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  • Hardshell Case

    The hardshell case ensures your glass won't be crushed or smashed. It's been thoroughly drop-tested so that wherever you go, your glassware remains perfectly safe.

  • Padded Interior

    Your glassware will rest peacefully within its case. The interior is padded and shaped to exactly fit your glass. Securing straps ensure they won't bounce around during travel.

  • Travel Bottles

    The large case comes with 2oz vials so that you can bring your favorite spirits with you wherever you go. Best part? 3oz is the TSA limit, so it's airport friendly!